Quality and flexibility was the task set by us in 2013 when we established Carsrent24 – a company that provides high quality services of renting cars, cargo minivans and passenger minivans. We are happy and proud by offering you today our services. Each of our customers uses our rental services and knows that he/she has a reliable partner. We value loyalty of our customers, because we well know that we can compete for exceptional attention and service quality in today's market. For the convenience of our customers we offer exceptional quality for a reasonable price and provide individual services according to your needs. As a result, you do not have to pay for the things you do not need!

Carsrent24 offers:

• Reliable and practical cars for a reasonable price.

• Fast and simple reservation system. • Delivery and pick up of the rented car to/from any location in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

• Car rent with a driver.

• Payment for car rent in cash, by bank transfer or debit/credit card.

• Assistance on road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Flexible discounts and loyalty system.

• Exceptional attitude towards a customer.

"To care for anyone else enough to make their problems one's own, is ever the beginning of one's real ethical development," Felix Adler, famous professor of social ethics, said.

Long-term car rent

Long-term car rent is a car rent for a period longer than 1 month under short-term rent conditions by paying a fixed monthly fee. None initial contribution is required. You get a possibility to plan your budget for car maintenance for the whole rent period in advance.

A client who concludes car rent agreement will pay a fixed monthly fee agreed in advance for car rent and other chosen services during the whole car rent period.



- Lower rent price

- Possibility to prolong car rent or terminate car rent at any time

- No fee for termination of car rent


Additional services:

- Vehicle civil liability insurance

- KASKO insurance

- Technical assistance on the road 24hours/day

- Periodic technical assistance

- Administration of insured events

- Exchange car in case of breakdown or car accident

- Replacement and storage of winter and summer tires.


Entrust your car maintenance to our team!

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CARSRENT24 client loyalty program

Loyalty cards for clients 

You will get a free of charge loyalty card, if you rent a car from the list of cars offered by us for 5 times.

20% discount
No reservation fee has to be paid
A free of charge car seat for children

Pick up
Drop off
Pick up
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